Saturday, February 25, 2017

On The Future of Careers

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1. The culture of long term employment in big corporations is going away, the big giants will either automate, or outsource most of their stuff, many corporations are not planning more then 6 months in advance due to uncertain future ... AI will be replacing lots of jobs ...

2. Self-employment will become more common rather trendy

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Intellectual Holocaust

Omar Javaid

Before industrial revolution, large corporations were no existent.

The largest institutions were perhaps armies, and then the govt. bureaucracies that also only in complex societies like Chinese, or Roman, of Islamic civilizations etc. ...

The majority of the population either had to manage their own source of sustenance, therefore taking risk and facing uncertainty for survival was the norm, the risk was mitigated rather through social cohesion.

In Muslim cities the markets were organized around guilds, a type of family business which nurtured future traders/merchants ...

it is only after the advent of modern civilization that the employment culture has spread far and wide.

After spending like 200 years the modern man says that not everyone has an apatite to take risk and manage uncertainty.

Remaining inside the comfort zone isn't natural, u can't grow likewise. Growth requires resistance/challenges/difficulties/pain ... try growing without it

While being an employee, a corporate slave you die spiritually and then intellectually, turning you into a walking corpse, a zombie ...

The system, starting from the education to the very corporations is guilty of this holocaust of an global scale ...

Author tweets at @omar.javaid