Deciphering the Education System

I have been involved in some innovative pedagogical experiments since early 2009 with my graduate level students, with  results. These experiments are primarily based on the research of various educational thinkers and researchers like:

David A. Kolb (
John Hunter (
Ricardo Semler (
Sugata Mitra (
Kiran Sethi (
Alfie Kohn (
Frank Smith, (author of various books including Insult to Intelligence)
John Taylor Gatto, (
Sir Ken Robinson (
John Holt (
Seth Godin (

The basic idea is that students learn by doing, experimenting, creating, exploring, all by themselves in a meaningful context, situation or a challenge provided by the teacher. The underline assumption is that students are interested to learn, as long as the learning make sense, its a truly rewarding process for them, and when they are interested - education and learning happens in a effortless manner (See Sugata Mitra's expetiment). You actually have to stop them when the time is over. And the teacher don't have to worry about if they have learn something or not, as once a person experience something wholeheartedly, then it is not possible that he hasn't learn anything.

Some Material for research on education systems, curriculum, problems, and possible solution.

A Brief History of Imperialistic Education

Our Higher Education System is Broken by Farhan Noor
Part 1Part 2Part 3

TED Talks:

Audio Book: Stop Stealing Dreams

Problems with Pakistani Education (in Urdu by Kashif Hafiz)
1. historical review of Muslim India curriculum 
2. Analysis of post 1857 war of independence to formation of Pakistan 
3. Analysis of SDPI report 
4. Propaganda of liberal & secular lobby is discussed
5. Continuing propaganda by secular lobby in year 2010
6. Content analysis of Islamiat books & class 4th books are conducted

Iqbal's Israr-e-Khudi, the benchmark of human development: /
Sugata Mitra: Can kids teach themselves?
Sugata Mitra's new experiments in self-teaching
John Hardy: My green school dream (website:
Innovative School - Lumiar -Brazil (Website:
Studio School (Website:

Rethinking Education (A Must Read)
"The Muslim world throughout is plagued with the presence of two parallel education systems. Schools, colleges and universities on the one hand and madrasas or Darul ulooms on the other. They are parallel in a textbook definition of parallel lines; two lines that never meet. Together they are tearing the fabric of the Muslim community by pulling it in opposite directions."... read more