We sometime ponder over a question often tossed toward us, a seemingly simple one, not a piece of cake to answer though; "Who we are and what we want?" Tough it is, not because of the content of the answer, but rather due to the counter questions anticipated, that might pop in the mind of the questioner, such as "How can I believe them, trust them?", "What if they are not what they seem?", "Even if I believe their intentions, how could I take their word?", "Could there be a conspiracy behind this as well?", etcetera

Are you surprised by my anticipation, if yes, then believe me you are a rear species, as you haven't yet lost your innocence probably, or you are one of our team members. If no, then I would say that you are a victim of confusion, deception, carrying scars of betrayals, wounds of deceit and a heart wary of believing that anyone honest could still be alive. Not really? Then you will most likely become so, in near future unless you hone your skills to filter out the honest from dishonest, truthfulness from demagogy, reality from deception. If you intend then I would say rather that this website is right now on the screen of person for whom it is meant to be.

But still your problems aren’t solved, how can you still trust me for all my claims? You won't I know because If I were at your place, then I wouldn’t have either! You have to be careful, very careful indeed in what you read, what you hear and what you watch ... words can be deceiving, sounds also, pictures even more!

You believe it or not, I want to be honest with you ... realization of the very fact of deception, empower and energize your sensory organs to search for the truth. And you begin to find it, and the starting point of which becomes none other than … You!, Your inner self, Your gut, Your conscience, Your sense of right and wrong, and Your prime need to believe that there is a Supreme Being who has solutions to all your problems.

The truth is inside you, and mere realization of this fact is sufficient for your satisfaction. This magazine is not to please you, rather to cause psychological discomfort by letting you know what you see is not what you see! By letting you see the ugly side of the facade of Jewels of Modern Secular World, so that you may focus where you can, where you should, where lies the real satisfaction, so that you be free from the shackles of deception, liberated, relieved and energized to live a life governed not by the fears surrounding you, rather by ecstasy in the truths hidden within.

Best of Luck

Team Critic's Den