Saturday, February 25, 2017

On The Future of Careers

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1. The culture of long term employment in big corporations is going away, the big giants will either automate, or outsource most of their stuff, many corporations are not planning more then 6 months in advance due to uncertain future ... AI will be replacing lots of jobs ...

2. Self-employment will become more common rather trendy

3. The degree will have less and less value in future (Google and EY has already discarded it) ...

4. Adaptable, agile, self learners will have a greater chance of survival, as the opportunities will be short lived, they will come and go quickly

5. You can learn lots of things online, and don't have to attend an educational institution

6. Your network and your reputation (expertise + credibility) will be your greatest asset, not the degree

7. It would be a stupid idea to have all your eggs in one basket (multiple sources of income needed)

8. Self-reliant people with DIY knowledge (growing your own food, producing your own energy) will have better chance of survival

9. Grades aren't important, what is important is exposure, knowledge, experience, contacts ... kids once reach adolescent age, should spend their free time in small/medium size businesses

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