Kuch na hone se kuch hona behta hai? 
This article argues the notion of entering into the system to change it, and establishes how counter productive this notion is... Click here to read

The Bigger Picture: Voting would be illegal if could have changed something
Democracy is a system to fool the public that whatever is happening is happening according to their own will, so that the puppet masters can do whatever they want to do... Click here to read

From Islamic Republic to Democratic Republic of Pakistan
This article explains the inherent contradictions of various claims that through vote and elections Islamic parties can actually make the country more Islamic... Click here to read

Voting? Do You Buy Tix For A Fixed Match?
This blunt and candid article exposes how delusional it is to really call democracy or its voting scam to be a mechanism to bring a change in the society. Click here to read more

Religious Parties, Secular Objective?
This post argues about the irrelevancy of electoral process from the ontological and cosmological perspective of Islam, also interesting discussion going on in the comments below the article. Click here to read 

The Human Cost required to Establish Democracy
In this blunt article Orya Maqbool Jan exposes the real face of the system called democracy and how it has been imposed all over the world by imperialist forces. And once it is established, who does it really supports? to find out, Click here to read

Internal and External Critique of Democracy
Extracted from Molana Zafar Iqbal's book, Click here to read

Documentary: Hacking Democracy
A documentary which should have been banned, which exposes the corruption in American electoral system. Jaw dropping... Click here to watch

Weak or No correlation between Democracy and Economic Growth
Following is an animated graph, you can play it and see how the circles moves. the movement is totally random which shows very weak correlation between democracy and economic growth. You can click on any of the circles to trace its movement with time...
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Adolf Hitler's Thought provoking Views on Democracy
We disagree with his solution for obvious reasons, as we all know the kind of havoc those has brought during his times... however his critique is thought provoking and must read; read it would make you feel that Hitler is talking about Pakistan. Read and get amazed...
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Adam Curtis Documentary 'The Century of Self' 
This documentary proves that most of the population can be manipulated through persuasion by political authority therefore the entire pretext of a democratic system is facade to make people believe that what ever is happening is happening as per the majorities will...
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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing - Democracy and Shura:
A Critical review of the claim that Islam supports majorities opinion, and that Shura is something else. Meritocracy is held sacred instead....
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The Confusion in the name: Islamic Democratic Pakistan? 
An article highlighting the explicit contradiction in the foundation and beliefs of both ideologies. Islamic to Democracy is what Oil is to Water... 

The Undemocratic Path toward Democracy
This article isn't a defence of democracy, but rather a presents a case for a Technocratic setup in Pakistan. 
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La Demos Kratos
Read to know how the majority never rules in democracy, and whats the unresolved issues in democratic framework which makes it leathel for the underdeveloped world particularly...
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6 Reasons why Parliamentarian Democracy is Incoherent with Islam
Here it is explained how Parliamentarian system democracy can only take the society away from the Islamic model of governance, how...
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Is it possible to bring Islamic Revolution through Democratic Process?
Dr. Javed Akbar Ansari sheds some light (in Urdu) on how incoherent the democratic process is, in fact contradictory to the requirement of Islamic revolution. Read to know how...
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Some famous quotes on democracy...
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